Wolfsspitz, Rüde, Vince 11 Years

Report on the test of Provicell products

Wolfsspitz, Rüde, Vince 11 Years

Our dog no longer wanted to walk because of the pain in his back lumbar region. A maximum of 200m, then he stopped and wanted to go back.
We tried everything for 3/4 years to get our senior running again, but nothing helped.
Then we discovered Osteo Vet and I have to say, nothing better could have happened to us and our dog.
After about 2 weeks you could already see a significant improvement in movement. He is now running with the pack again and can also manage longer distances again.
Thanks to Osteo Pet, the “pain face” has also changed back to the typical, pointed, cheeky facial expression.

Allergy diseases

I have been working as an animal health practitioner for many years. The focus of small animal practice is, among other things, allergy diseases in dogs. I was always looking for a preparation that these generally highly sensitive animals could tolerate without slipping into another allergy attack. In addition to other measures that are taken, the Dialvit PET is an optimal addition. Without exception, it is well tolerated and I can be sure that the animals are well supplied with all the vital nutrients they need. Because I now trust the product, it makes my work a lot easier. I no longer have to put something together from different preparations. The animals thank you with their health and vitality.


Treatment of our dog Ruby
5 year old Labrador/Appenzeller mix

Always very susceptible to infections, with a focus on the throat/larynx area. Significant improvement since using ProEMSan PET / Mucosa capsules - no symptoms for a long time, which was already noticeable. Noticeable improvement in the immune system / intestinal flora - stabilization of the mucous membranes.
Ruby will definitely continue to receive the preparations over the fall/winter.


EM SAN PET very good experience with diarrhea,
Osteo Pet is a phenomenal remedy, acceptance is not always ideal but otherwise it is my favorite remedy for the musculoskeletal system.


“I have a very young dog, but I have the feeling that he is even more productive and healthier thanks to Provicell Vet. Other owners are now trying it out at his dog daycare center and they are all thrilled. In any case, I’m happy with a cheerful little guy.”

EM San Pet: 1 dog that had been previously treated for Giardia for a long time and often and was still Giardia positive tested negative for Giardia after 4 weeks of EM San administration.

A dog that had almost constant diarrhea received Mucosa, EM San PET and Präbioma PET and has only had diarrhea twice since then.


Our dog has suffered from food intolerances for years. And every few months another type of meat is dropped. I used to do a treatment with bacteria in powder form, but it was never really satisfactory. I only knew since November last year that the cause of our problem was/is the clostridia. After the seminar you offered with Ms. Vorndran, I ordered the EM SAN PET for the first time. And relatively quickly the dog's output improved.

And the eyes are completely clear again since the clostridia were displaced by the good intestinal bacteria. The fact that these were degradation products from the clostridia that had been deposited there was again a new experience for me.
It is now known from human medicine that you should not take such long breaks between EM doses, otherwise the condition will be the same after 6 months. Unless - and I'm even afraid of this for my dog (at least for now) - a fecal transplant is carried out. So I will definitely reorder soon. And I would also be happy to recommend the product, as I am often confronted with problems of this kind due to my professional work with animals.