Humans & animals together in lockdown

A challenging time lies behind us. HUMAN AND ANIMALS IN LOCKDOWN are starting the new year 2021 full of hope and confidence, but we know: especially now in winter, people and animals need an extra dose of motivation and a good mood, because the nights are long and the days are often cold and uncomfortable.
Typically, most people and their pets are emotionally invigorated and physically rested in January.
Quiet days lie behind us.
Christmas and New Year's Eve with our loved ones - we ate well, received rich gifts and were able to enjoy being close to our family.
But this year we only spent the last few weeks in our closest circle or perhaps some of us alone.

In the near future, private life and everyday professional life will largely still take place within your own four walls.
Our animals help ensure that the ceiling doesn't fall on our heads at some point.
Dogs, cats and the like give us emotional support, they provide comfort and give people security.
Being close to your own animal can compensate for the reduction in human social contact during the exit restrictions, making us feel less lonely.
We feel needed, animals give us a task and a stabilizing daily rhythm.
The so-called “social buffering hypothesis” explains the stress-reducing effect that people and their animals have on each other.
Pets are usually considered family members and therefore belong to our elementary social group. Within this group, the individual social partners can weaken each other's stress reactions.
This increases the physical and psychological resilience of humans and animals alike.
Dogs also motivate us to exercise daily in the fresh air, no matter what the weather.
This strengthens the immune system of humans and animals and boosts the metabolism - afterwards cuddling up on the sofa is even more comfortable.
Whether indoors or outdoors, dogs and cats enjoy physical or mental exercise.
Clicker training or search games quickly eliminate boredom on both sides.

Even if we particularly want to enjoy and enjoy the time with our pets, a certain routine should still be maintained. Of course there is nothing wrong with long walks, extra cuddles and training sessions, but our dogs and cats are creatures of habit and feel most comfortable with regular daily routines.
Feeding and walking times should also be maintained during the lockdown.
Don't forget that dogs and cats need extended periods of rest and retreat to reduce stress (including positive stress, the so-called "eustress").
Dogs or cats can quickly get used to extra snacks and additional attention, but this behavior may need to be trained out again.
Keep an eye on your loved one's weight.
The additional training treats should be deducted from the basic food ration so that they do not show up on the scales.

It is especially important for pet owners to know that their pet will be cared for at all times, even during a lockdown.
We will continue to be there for you and your animals in the future.
Whether in the home office or in production, our employees can be reached by phone and email.
We deliver our health-promoting products conveniently to your home.
Our webinars will also take place again from February and create an interesting opportunity for online training.

The entire Provicell Pet team is starting the year motivated.
We would like to continue to support you and your animal with the usual high quality.
We have many new ideas and stick to tried and tested standards: natural supplementary feed for dogs, cats and horses, whose recipes are based on scientifically based therapy and nutrient concepts.

Sweet lupine – a local superfood