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We accompany our dogs throughout their lives.
A cuddly puppy turns into a pubescent young dog within a year.
By the time they are four years old at the latest (depending on the breed), dogs are truly adults and their hormone levels have stabilized.
You have a fully developed personality at your side and very little changes for a while.
Our dogs get older almost unnoticed.
When the first symptoms of old age suddenly appear, you ask yourself: “How old would my dog actually be today if he were a human?”

Dog age in human years

In the past, the dog's age was simply multiplied by a factor of seven and the result was equated with "human age".
A three-year-old dog would therefore have roughly the physical and mental constitution of a 21-year-old human.
Today there are various methods and tables to convert the dog's age into human years.

A research team of biologists and geneticists from the University of California in San Diego has studied the human age of dogs scientifically and in great detail.
And: They have created a new formula for calculating age.
The research team's method, which compares human cell aging with that of dogs, is based on an epigenetic mechanism called “methylation,” which takes into account the age-related DNA changes in cells.

Dog Age – Table


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what is this formula exactly?

Human dog age = 16 x ln(dog age) + 31

Ok, that's not possible in your head. ;-)
To calculate how old a dog is in human years, press the logarithm function "ln" on the calculator, then enter your dog's age in years, multiply it by 16 and add 31.
A three-year-old dog would therefore be comparable to a 48-year-old person, which initially sounds very old.
However, it corresponds to the natural aging process or the methylation of the body's cells, which initially occurs quite quickly in dogs and becomes relativized the older the dog gets.
Using this new formula, we calculate a human age of 62 for a seven-year-old dog and a 13-year-old senior would be around 72 years old as a human.

What the American research team's formula does not take into account is the fact that large breeds age faster and have a shorter life expectancy than small breeds.
A Great Dane is already considered old at nine years old, whereas a Jack Russell can reach the age of 16 years.

Classifying the dog's age in human years helps to address the dog's respective needs.
This way you can better understand your needs at every stage of your life.
In puppy and senior age it is particularly important to stabilize the immune system.
In adult animals, the focus is on vitality and health prevention, for example to minimize joint wear and maintain a balanced intestinal flora.

We would like to support you and your pet at any age and contribute to a long and healthy dog life with our Provicell Pet product range.

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