Supplementary feed with colostrum protein and medicinal mushroom Agaricus blazei Murrill

Our pets' organisms constantly have to deal with potentially pathogenic factors.
These can come from the environment (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) but also from the body itself (degenerate or outdated cells, metabolic breakdown products).
Physical health depends to a large extent on a strong immune system.

Colostrum is the mother's milk that serves as a source of life for mammals in the first five days after birth.
Due to its high content of proteins, enzymes, minerals and vitamins, it is not only the perfect food for newborns, but also provides nourishment
thanks to the ingredients such as growth factors, lymphocytes, and bio-active messenger substances for a strong immune system and healthy growth.

Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins (IgA, IgG and IgM), which help the body fight infections with pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The white blood cells in colostrum also stimulate the active formation of antibodies and thus help the body to develop a stable defense system.

Two other properties of colostrum benefit the immune system: On the one hand, immunologically active ingredients and growth factors promote the development of the protective mucous membranes in the intestine, and on the other hand, the prebiotics it contains build up the intestinal microbiome.
A healthy intestinal environment is the basic requirement for a functioning body defense system.

Colostrum contains precursors of vitamin A and B vitamins in high concentrations.
These nutrients also ensure the development of an effective immune system and support brain performance and vision.

The Brazilian almond mushroom (Agaricus blazei Murrill) is one of the health-promoting medicinal mushrooms and is successfully used in so-called “mycotherapy” for immune deficiency and tumor diseases.
Like most medicinal mushrooms, it has many names, of which “Mushroom of Life” or “Mushroom of God” express its potential most clearly.
The high content of protein, ergosterol and polysaccharides (the so-called beta-D-glucans) makes it interesting not only as a food but also as an effective therapeutic agent.
Its ingredients influence various immunological processes in the body; hardly any other medicinal mushroom stimulates the immune system as effectively and sustainably as ABM.
Just like colostrum, the almond fungus particularly promotes the specific immune response, i.e. the targeted formation of antibodies.

Numerous clinical studies are dedicated to this extraordinary medicinal mushroom, its diverse active ingredients and ingredients and its positive effects on health.
The remarkable antitumor effect of the almond mushroom is primarily attributed to the beta-D-glucans it contains.

The combined use of colostrum and ABM is particularly suitable

  • to build healthy intestinal flora
  • to support the immune system
  •  to relieve chronic inflammation or allergies
  • for the healthy development of young animals

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