Prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy dog intestine

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Chronic diarrheal diseases are a challenge in terms of differential diagnosis because the triggering endogenous and exogenous factors are diverse. It's not just the intestines that are in the diagnostic focus; the liver, pancreas, endocrine system and kidneys also need to be included in the cause research.

This webinar first deals with the anatomy and physiology of the intestine and then sheds light on the possible causes of chronic diarrheal diseases. Veterinarian Birgit Vorndran shows the necessary steps for a careful differential diagnosis, which in her experience is the most important point in the treatment of affected dogs.

Once the cause of the chronic diarrhea has been identified, the appropriate therapy usually leads to success quickly. In the last part of the webinar, we will look at diet and food changes for diarrheal illnesses and introduce you to some products that can effectively support the treatment.

About the lecturer

Birgit Vorndran

Veterinarian and lecturer


Nutritional advice for dogs/cats
Herbal medicine
classical homeopathy

Date & Time
December 6, 2023
7:00 PM 8:30 PM Europe/Berlin

Provicell GmbH

+49 2762 98361800

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